Our Services

Business success can be measured in many different ways and our services will help you do this. Chances are that you’d like it to be defined in terms of more money in your pocket or more time to work on developing your business or perhaps to have more time for yourself. It could be to continue to grow your business whilst maintaining control over it.

Based just outside Truro, at gain our services are designed to provide tailor made solutions to all these. We work to give you TIME, CONTROL & MONEY

Which of our services you use is entirely up to you. We work with you to develop a range of services and strategies customised to your individual needs and business goals.

Unlike the usual firms of accountants in Cornwall, the approach at gain is to understand you and your business, discuss just what it is you want to achieve – what your vision for the business is and what you want to get from it. In short helping you to achieve your own personal business success.

It could be to grow the business so that you can sell it and retire, or build a successful business that your children could then take over in time. Or it may simply be to build a successful business so that you can enjoy what its success will bring – ensuring you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Whatever your own personal goals and objectives for your business – at gain we are here to work with you so that first and foremost you can understand what your business numbers are telling you (and we’ll explain them to you in plain English). Once you have that knowledge you can then plan a growth strategy that will take you to where you want your business to go, unlocking its true growth potential through working with you.

And so that you can monitor how the business is performing as you implement those plans ensuring you are staying on the right track, through our services we can provide you with ongoing support and a range of business and management information.

In short – our services are geared towards your own personal and business success. At Gain, Accounting excellence really is just the tip of the iceberg


GAIN Money – Putting more money in your pocket

Once your business is growing, managing you finances and in particular your tax burdens is essential. The GAIN Money suite looks at the best tax planning strategies so that you retain as much of your money as legally possible. Find out more about the rewards GAIN Money can provide.

You running the business or the business running you

GAIN Time – Giving you time to run your Business in Cornwall

It is said that time cannot be created, but by working with Gain you can free up time by allowing us to do the mundane or even frankly confusing accounts work. You will get more time to spend on developing your business, or just having more time out, knowing the work is being done accurately and on time.


GAIN Control – Keeping you in Control

As your company grows, you will perform fewer of the day to day tasks that you used to. How can you delegate and yet still be sure that your business is on track?
The answer is a suite of services is designed specifically for your needs. When customised, you will know exactly where your business is, but more importantly, where it’s going and how to get there.