GAIN Money – Putting more money in your pocket


You run your own business in Cornwall, you work hard and you have invested a lot of time and effort into it. You deserve to gain from it because ultimately you should reap the rewards that all your hard work and dedication deserves.

Once you have benefited from the gain approach with the profits coming in and the business growing, it’s time to focus on how to keep your hard earned money. It needs to stay in your hands and not in the hands of the revenue! Our Money suite of services looks at the best tax planning available to ensure you keep as much of the money your business has earned as possible.


Do you pay yourself with dividends or salary? As someone running a business in Cornwall are you using the most tax efficient option to pay yourself to ultimately gain? We will advise you on this and provide an analysis of the impact that each of the options will have on your take home pay. This is a service that we provide for every incorporated client on an annual basis.



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