GAIN Time – Giving you time to run your Business in Cornwall


Giving You Time

We know what it’s like to run a business in Cornwall – there’s never enough time and always something that needs doing.

Your time is precious and you need to focus on what you do well and what you enjoy – after all that’s probably why you started a business in Cornwall. But the irony is that the more successful you become, the bigger the business gets, leaving you with less time to work on the business and more time working in the business – 2 totally different things.

Chances are you started your business because you had a vision and a passion for what you did – we’re pretty sure that that vision and passion did not include getting weighed down with the day to day financial and administrative responsibilities that come with running a business in Cornwall.  And that’s where gain can help, by doing the accounts work for you, freeing you up to do what you enjoy and what you’re good at. Our services include:


As your business grows, you are going to need to expand your team. And as you bring more people on, they will need paying, which means running a payroll, calculating accurate pay and deductions, staying abreast of employment legislation and filling in and filing all the paperwork for HMRC.  It’s a pain we can take away from you for a fixed price so there are no surprises, including handling all starters and leavers, student loans, holiday pay, SSP and the rest.





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