Survey By Exact reveals business worries

Forgotten invoices, Fighting for New Business, Not in Control of Accounts, Business Finances and Cash Flow Problems – sound familiar? […]

Why do we accept what we experience as ‘The Norm’

Why do we accept what we experience as ‘The Norm’ Arriving back in the UK from Holland, having spent a […]

Running a Business – It’s Never Too Late to Plan

Running a Business? Remember – It’s Never Too Late to Plan How long has it been since you launched your […]

So You’re Thinkng of Starting a Business

So You’re Thinking of Starting a Business   With the number of Start Ups in Britain looking set to reach an […]

Gain Accountancy is Growing

Gain Accountancy is Growing. Here at Gain we are all about growing businesses and enjoying close working relationships with our […]

Why you need Management Accounts

If you are using the annual accounts to know how your business is performing, then you are missing a trick. […]

Rear view Mirror or Windscreen – Which do you use?

If you drive a car the simple answer is that you use both but mainly the windscreen, so why isn’t […]

National Insurance Contributions tax by any other name?

Everybody, with few exceptions pays national insurance contributions (NIC) and the amounts paid are linked to your income, but few people link NIC and income tax in their head.

Morally Repugnant or a Moral Right

The government are trying to convince the general public that tax avoidance is the same as tax evasion. But one is outside the law (evasion), and one is inside the law (avoidance) and they should not be considered the same.