Running a Business – Do you Really Know Your Business Numbers?

Running a Business? Do You Know Your Numbers?

We know that running a business demands a lot of hard work, dedication, determination and time. Most people who start one do so because they have a passion for what it is they do and it is this passion that inspires them.

Running a business involves so much more than just being great at the job – and this is often the biggest challenge for owners and the place where mistakes are often most likely to happen. That’s often because they are often so busy working in the business that they often do not have the time or support to really work on the business.

They may also not have the range of skills or experience to deal with the tasks that are a fundamental part of business ownership.

And when it comes to understanding and planning future development, it’s vital to truly understand the business numbers and what they are saying.

As a business owner – could you accurately and quickly tell us the answers to these questions?

-          What your business turnover is?

-          What your gross profit margin is?

-          What level of debtors do you have – both the numbers of them and what they owe you

-          What is your profit to date?

-          What your operating costs are?

-          What your break-even levels are?

-          What is your net profit?

-          What your forecast for the year is?

-          How you are performing against that forecast?

-          What your staff costs are?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions – don’t worry. You are not alone. But if you don’t know the numbers – how can you make the best decision for the business?

Imagine how much better your business decisions would be if you had this information to hand.

At Gain, that’s exactly what we do – first and foremost we enable business owners to fully understand their business and what it is doing through the numbers. From there we provide a range of services that enable business owners to plan and build their business successfully.

If you would like to Gain advantage of knowing your business numbers then call us on 01872 560326 or email us at info@gainaccountancy and let’s sit down and discuss what your business goals are.