Clients – We Always Ask Them What They Think About Us



Here at Gain, we always like to hear what our clients have to say – and that not only applies to their own businesses when we sit down with them at our regular meetings – but how they feel we are contributing to theirs!


For every time we complete a set of accounts, we ask our clients to fill out a satisfaction survey – as we never like to rest on our laurels and are always striving to improve the level of service that we offer.


The results from our latest client satisfaction forms have come back and we are delighted with the feedback.


When asked how our clients rated their overall experience with us out of 10, 100% of respondents rated us between 8 and 10 – with the vast majority rating us at 10.


The same was also true when we asked our clients if they felt their investment in our services had provided real value for money – with the vast majority rating us at 10 out of 10 and 100% rating us between 8 and 10.


We also make clear communication (enabling our clients to completely understand what their business numbers are telling them) one of our key qualities, so when we asked if communications had been answered in a clear and timely manner, we were delighted that 100% rated us 9 or above.


But perhaps most pleasing of all were the responses to 2 of our most important questions – Were you Happy with our Service and Would you recommend us – for on both occasions the answer was a resounding 100% yes.


And when we asked for comments, we were delighted to receive feedback which included – “Excellent service, prompt and courteous”, “Always available and very helpful throughout the year”, “Great client service” and “Experienced, professional, helpful and caring service”.


So if you think your business could benefit from accounting excellence as standard, combined with business knowledge and a proactive, friendly and professional approach designed to stimulate growth improve business efficiency and increase sales then simply call us on 01872 560326.